Window Furnishing

Easy Answers to Common Window Furnishing Challenges

Navigating the complexities of window treatments for the diverse shapes, sizes, and orientations of windows can be daunting. Yet, armed with the right expertise and creativity, these challenges are surmountable. Fusion Shutters and Blinds excels in illuminating common window coverings issues faced by homeowners and providing clear-cut solutions. Dive into our Q & A section for insights that might hold the key to your needs, and explore our gallery to witness these window shutters solutions in action.

Special Shape Windows: A Unique Opportunity

Q: What furnishing can I put on my Special Shape Windows? (including rake windows, sunburst windows, round windows, arch windows etc)

A: Whether your home features rake windows, sunburst, round, or arch windows, each contributes a distinct aesthetic. Fortunately, a range of window blinds, including polymer and basswood plantation shutters, aluminium shutters, or honeycomb blinds, can enhance these unique windows. While there are some limitations, our experience has shown that rake windows, in particular, look stunning with the addition of a shutter, transforming a potential challenge into a striking design feature.

Tackling Tall and Hard-to-Reach Windows

Q: What if my windows are very tall or hard to reach to open and close my window furnishings?

A: For those hard-to-reach or towering windows, the convenience of motorisation in window treatments is a game-changer. Our selection includes motorised shutters that can be effortlessly operated with a remote, hardwired systems, or even a smartphone app. Alternatively, for the traditionalists, shutters can be fitted with an extendable pull stick, simplifying the adjustment of blades on those lofty windows.

Combatting the Heat in Western Facing Windows

Q: What is the best solution for my western facing windows that cop the afternoon sun?

A: Battling the intense afternoon sun from western facing windows requires effective heat management strategies. Light-coloured polymer shutters or blinds, especially those crafted with sunscreen mesh fabrics, can bolster your home’s defense against the heat. Darkor stained shutters are less advisable under such conditions. Moreover, installing roller blinds or vertical blinds with high sun-resistance, or external window shades like Zipscreen, Pivot arm, or Straight drop awnings, can provide an additional safeguard for your interiors.

Window & Door Locks: No Longer an Obstacle

Q: Will adding shutters to my windows prevent me from locking/unlocking them?

A: Concerns about window shutters hindering the operation of locks on windows and doors are common, yet our meticulous approach ensures seamless integration. Our sales professionals precisely measure to guarantee that the chosen window treatments align perfectly with your window or door’s design, whether it’s within the architrave or wall-mounted. We can even tailor the shutter frame with a custom access groove, if needed, to maintain the flexibility of your lock mechanisms.

Navigating Around Kitchen and Bath Taps

Q: Can I still have shutters if my kitchen tap or bath tap are in the way?

A: Even when kitchen or bath taps seem to obstruct the path of window furnishings, there’s always a workaround and our trusty professionals have a solution for just about everything! For instances where hinged shutters would be impractical, we can opt for bi-folding panels that neatly stack to the side, avoiding the tap entirely. In cases like a bath tap obstructing the panels being able to hinge open, we can “build up” the bottom frame on the shutter, so that when it hinges open, it will swing right over the tap or bath in question!.

At Fusion Shutters and Blinds, we believe that every window furnishing challenge comes with a solution waiting to be discovered. With our expertise and your vision, we can tackle any window furnishing challenges, transforming your windows into stunning features that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Why not pop into our showroom, conveniently located in Smeaton Grange where our expert team can guide you through all the customised options available?