plantation shutters

What is the best way to clean plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to any home, offering a timeless elegance while providing excellent light control and privacy. This particularly rings true in the many new modern homes popping up all over western Sydney in suburbs such as Narellan, Elderslie, Gledswood Hills and Oran Park. However, to maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality, some light dusting is required. The cleaning process for plantation shutters is a tad different from other window treatments, due to their unique design and construction. This article will walk you through the best practices to ensure your shutters remain in pristine condition.

Understanding Your Shutter Material

Before diving into the cleaning process, it’s crucial to understand the material of your plantation shutters as this will dictate the cleaning supplies and methods you should use. Whether your shutters are made from real wood, polymer or aluminium, as in the beautiful Allure range available at Fusion Shutters and Blinds, each requires a slightly different approach to cleaning.

Polymer Shutters:
Durable and waterproof, Polymer shutters are a breeze to clean and are more forgiving when it comes to moisture. A damp cloth or mild soap solution can be used to wipe away dust and dirt. However, avoid using harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration or damage to the finish.

Real Wood (Basswood & Wildwood) Shutters:
Real wood is susceptible to water damage and demands a gentle touch to maintain the texture and grain in its appearance. Hence it’s essential to avoid using excessive moisture or force when cleaning. A soft, dry or slightly damp cloth will do the trick, or sometimes a gentle wood cleaner can be used sparingly, and always ensure the shutters are dried properly to prevent any moisture damage.

Aluminium Shutters:
Known for their robustness and sleek appeal, Aluminium shutters can be cleaned using a damp cloth or a mild soap solution for more thorough cleaning. In outdoor settings, a gentle hose down will help to remove any surface dust. Simply rinse with water and dry them using an old towel or microfiber cloth completely to prevent water spots and maintain their metallic sheen.

Routine Cleaning

Engaging in a routine cleaning schedule will prevent dust and grime from building up over time on your plantation shutters. Monthly dusting with a microfiber cloth can keep your shutters looking fresh and new. Ensure to clean both sides of the louvers, and don’t forget the frame and windowsill.

Deep Cleaning

Every once in a while, your shutters may need a more thorough cleaning. For real wood shutters, a high-quality wood cleaner applied sparingly with a soft cloth can do wonders. For polymer and aluminium shutters, a mild detergent solution can be used. Always test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t cause any discoloration.

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of your plantation shutters doesn’t have to be a chore. By understanding the material of your shutters and following a consistent cleaning routine, you can enjoy the elegance and charm they bring to your home for many years to come. If you’d like some tips or tricks to keeping your plantation shutters spic and span, contact our friendly team today or visit us in our showroom, conveniently located in Smeaton Grange.